Why is Music Meaningful?

Music is meaningful to me because the music that I like I read the lyrics and really try to understand what the artist is trying to say through the song. When I listen to songs I feel the emotion from them. I react to different songs differently and the same sometimes. Depending on if the song is happy or sad or angry. I enjoy going and finding the lyrics to songs and getting to know what they say and mean. I love to go and find the explanation of why the artist or group wrote the piece for my favorite songs. Sometimes the music is fun to get to read about it and learn what the reasoning behind the sadness of the song or the happiness of the song is.

In the song “Just a Dream” by Carrie Underwood, I believe that she is trying to say that the girl she is talking about how she is sad.  Carrie Underwood is portraying a girl in the video does not want what is coming true to be true. She doesn’t want to know that her husband is gone and she doesn’t want to know that she will never see him again.  She wants her getting the letter saying he is gone and the funeral to be just a dream because she is worried and misses him a lot.

In Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” they are saying that some teachers are really mean and abuse children. When I listen to this song I think that they are talking about teachers from the past because they were allowed to spank children and punish them. I think that the name refers to each teacher individually because they are all built up so that the children cannot get through but when the children group together and face them then they fight against the “bricks” and win!

Adele wrote a song called “Skyfall” and I think that she is talking about love and hate at the same time. This is because she is fighting for what she wants to stay with who she wants throughout the song. At the same time she says “But you’ll never have my heart which could be hate toward the person because she loves them but something happened and so she will give them everything except what they want most which is her unconditional love.

I love to listen to music because it is interesting to me and it is fun to see what is going on. There are some songs that until I actually read through the lyrics I thought that the song was happy. This in reality was wrong. For example the song “pumped up kicks” by foster the people is actually really sad because they are talking about shooting some other kids with a gun that he found in his dads stuff. All these kids have one thing in common, pumped up kicks.

Songs are really neat to me because really unless you know the lyrics then you really don’t know what you are listening to. You don’t know the background story of why the song got written. You don’t know what the song is really about. But most of all you really can’t start to like something unless you really understand what it means. Music is meaningful because of what is being said or is being shown to you through the video or person playing or singing the song. Music is needed because I think that it inspires all of us a little just by what it says. Songs inspire me and they if anything get people to think about things in different ways.


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